Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Happier thoughts

Minneapolitans: if you could take someone on his first tour of the Cities, what would you not want him to miss? Stipulating, of course, that he is a friend of mine, that is, a great big geek, and all right with whatever art, history, etc. we want to throw at him. Also fine with hiking or large amounts of walking. Where would you want to take him to eat? What is a Must See/Do for you?

Non-Minneapolitans: sort of the same question: is there something you've enjoyed when visiting Minneapolis or something you've always wanted to see here?

We already have some ideas -- I've made greykev read War for the Oaks as preparation, so we're doing at least some of the Emma Bull Inspired Tour Of Minneapolis (the Falls, the Conservatory, downtown, uptown, Byerly's). And I have my own favorite spots for eating and wandering and buying books and all those happy things. Also, Kev is a good friend to park in a corner with a book and talk to when you have things to say and not when you don't. So we're not going to have a problem with entertaining him. I'm just wondering what brilliant ideas you-all have.

Comfort reading proceeds apace.
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