Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Clothes etc.

Remember the purple dress? It arrived yesterday, and it fit, so I don't have to do any more shopping before scottjames's wedding. YAY! (Also it was on sale.)

It isn't quite as I expected: the waist ties, for one thing, are not actually all that long, and the length is mid-calf, not low-calf. (I suspect we may be going with the odious "small women are tyrannosaurs and large women are gorillas" theory of limb length, as so many designers do, but as it is sleeveless and I can wear good hose, I don't care this time.) But it is a good dress, and I don't have to shop any more, so hurrah for not shopping.

I will note that the 4 is none too small on me, even on top, so for those of you who are genuinely small people, J. Peterman is another store that is Not For You. Sorry, but forewarned etc.

I fear that my hatred of clothing in the stores is starting to spread to clothing in my closets. I was halfway to the doctor yesterday when I realized, "Wait! I don't actually like this skirt at all!" Sigh. I know what happened there: this is a very old skirt, and I've worn the things I bought in that period and liked into rags already, so what's left is the lukewarm stuff. Oh hurrah.

(I miss my khaki A-line wrap skirt. It was so cute. It went with something like 80% of my summer tops. And it was comfortable, and it didn't require ironing. Sigh. Silly to miss a garment, but there you have it.)

Thanks to all of you who have commented with good wishes on yesterday's post. Much appreciated, even if I don't have something specific to say to all of them.

I'm getting birthday presents a few at a time, so that's been nice. Stretching things out. I was not feeling very good about this birthday on the actual birthday, mostly due to health issues, but my natural optimism has reasserted itself: this is a good birthday. I'm reading a birthday present now, Harald Gaski's Sami Culture in a New Era. Because the people who love me are under no illusions that I am not a great big geek, so I get presents accordingly. Which is definitely good.

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