Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


I was listening to timprov's mother's copy of "Evita" in the car before giving it back to her, and while there are lots of lines that strike me (and sometimes make me swear at Tim Rice for various reasons), the one that hit me this time was, "You'll get by; you always have before."

I think I write adult fiction so that I can have main characters for whom that's true.

I think I write YAs so I can have main characters for whom it's not.

Overly simplistic distinction, not applicable to all of either genre? Sure. And yet.

Some health issues today, but a better day than yesterday in several directions, even with the Howls Of The Damned currently issuing from the kennel. I'm exhausted but happy going to bed; the prospect of seeing gaaldine, the_overqual, porphyrin, and Roo tomorrow makes me happy, and I have no trouble keeping it together. And the health issues will be Dealt With, So There; or at least I'll try.

Tomorrow: more stuff. So okay then.

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