Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Two vulgar things about my dog

1. Anyone who is looking at getting a small, rather elegant-looking breed of dog: do not expect small, rather elegant-smelling dog-farts. Luckily, I already knew this from my previous dog, who would blame the rest of the family whenever she could. She would give the nearest human a look that said, "Well, really!" as plain as day, and she would get up and move somewhere else. On a particularly bad night, she would run through the whole family this way.

2. For the second time, my dog has sniffed around until she found a gopher hole, then deliberately scooted her little butt around to shit directly down it. This seems to be mostly a morning thing: good morning, gophers! Here's what you get for living in Ista's yard! It is not a good week to be a gopher.

I hope this doesn't mean she's a UMD fan. Or worse, North Dakota.

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