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Someone on my friendslist posted a short "if I had a sugar daddy" list. It's less than a week from my birthday, so I can't do that without looking grasping (but hey, less than a week from my birthday! celebrate with me, for my birthday is fun!); more to the point, right now, most of the items would be things like, "someone to call the fencing people and arrange for the backyard fence so I can let the sweet wee beast out instead of standing out there with her in the rain at 6:30 a.m.," and that's really not all that interesting.

I'm not actually in "nobody will come and there won't be enough food" stress mode about my birthday party ten days from now. Nobody will come, there won't be enough food, the house will be a mess, the pup will misbehave, and somebody's child will sing me "happy birthday" while affectionately trampling my hair, but I am currently too tired to much care.

None of that is what I meant to say. I meant to do merriehaskell and yhlee's meme of ten titles I've liked from my own finished work. I'm restricting myself to finished work, although if anyone is interested I could do a Top Ten Coolest Titles I Haven't Finished Yet.

I like:
Dwarf's Blood Mead, I do I do. It may not be the best title for that book -- in fact it might be a better title for the unwritten prequel -- but I don't know what title would be better for it, and I like it by itself.

Thermionic Night, on the other hand, I like for the book in question.

I like "Wishing on Airplanes" because I grew up into that story. It was a bitter adolescent thing when I came up with the title, and when I actually wrote it, it was a much more measured and ultimately optimistic thing. Optimism isn't always the mature response, but on the other hand, I don't think grown-ups are excused from doing what we can, even in suboptimal situations, and that's what that story is about, and the title event, wishing on a star and having it turn out to be an airplane, fits in well with that.

"Things We Sell to Tourists." "Carter Hall Recovers the Puck." "Five Brothers Underground." "Gilding the Dandelion." "Glass Wind." "Michael Banks, Home from the War." And "The Opposite of Pomegranates." Just because. (In only one of those cases -- "Gilding the Dandelion" -- do I like the story better than the title, however. I hate titles.)

I also like "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Boy (With Aliens)," but that was a collab, not purely mine, and I don't remember, at this stage of weariness, which of us did it. (timprov, do you?)

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