Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Someone who looks like Wisconsin but is wrinkled and green

I was lucky enough to be the Roo-wrangler for the time we were at the painting party this afternoon, and he wanted to watch his favorite character, Minnesota, in "Empire Strikes Back."

Roo, pointing at the little green guy on screen: Who is that?
Me: That's Yoda.
Roo, patiently and without a trace of humor: No, his name is Minnesota.
Me: Oh, I didn't realize that.
[about two minutes later]
Roo: Did Luke just call Minnesota "Yoda"?
Me: Apparently.

Because, y'know, a chance remark from his father a year ago trumps the movies as canon any day. He is also hysterical on the subject of What Darth Vader Says. He is absolutely and without question the best little Roo, and this from someone who dislikes total orderings. I didn't really feel like I'd been any help, because being with my best little Roo Robin isn't work. We blew bubbles on the porch swing, and we read books, and I got shown the laundry chute and its functioning. And we watched Minnesota, naturally.

markgritter is now watching the puplet, and I'm going to crash on the bed and see if I can nap.

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