Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of March 14-20

Whew, what a pathetic week. I have 6K of new Not The Moose Book. I have pickings and peckings at various other stories, plus some editing and external work on Reprogramming. But over the course of the week, I got one -- one! -- rejection. And no acceptances. Pathetic. That rejection was on e-mail, too, so who knows if the postal service is playing games with me again. I think there's only one postal submission left out there to the Hayward address, so that's not even an excuse. I just don't know what.

The saving grace is that "Fair Use" is up at Fables, but even that...doesn't look as good as it once did to me. Sometimes I reread my stories and think, "Oh, wow, did I do that? Cool!" This time I thought, "Is that all I did? Oh."

Now you're all tripping each other and shoving to get there to read it, I realize. Sorry; I usually do a better job of advertising myself. Hmm. Oh, I also read one research book for the Not The Moose, and I'll finish another (heh heh, no pun intended) before the night is out, unless I get caught up in the book again and alter my word-count totals drastically. (In which case they'll get added to next week's count.) I suppose that counts for something.

And I cooked and baked a lot of stuff. Which was good at the time, but...well.

This is what we call In A Mood. I have no reason to be In A Mood, as I've had a very nice day so far. The world has been nice to the Mrissa, and I snarl back at the world. Sigh. Sorry, world. Better luck tomorrow.
Tags: magical finnish computers, publishing, scorekeeping

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