Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


As those of you who checked timprov's journal know, we are okay here in London. I will have more stories later. The broadband in our hotel room is, in fact, available; it is not, as we were led to believe, free. Nor even inexpensive. So I haven't seen much news from you-all this week. I'll try to catch up Saturday-Sunday-Monday when we get home.

Of course we feel horrible for the Londoners around us, but this has been a wonderful trip so far, and I don't feel it has been "ruined" by this tragedy. We're going to see what's open tomorrow to see and do, and then Saturday will be the long day, coming home.

We did spend awhile herded into the Raphael Cartoon Gallery of the V&A with the rest of the visitors to the V&A, so that nearly qualified as an adventure. But really we're fine, we're staying in tonight, and we're going out and enjoying London and spending tourist dollars tomorrow. Our hotel is not letting people out tonight when they can help it, only back in, so we'll be settling in and getting some rest after our long day doing without public transit.

Please don't worry on our behalf. We're fortunate; we're not among the families who need it just now. I only wish everyone here was so lucky.

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