Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

"Then Bear went face down in the caterpillar roll."

Good sushi last night, good conversation. Got to meet dlandon's sister and spend time with elisem, porphyrin, Mike, and Roo, allochthon, and of course matociquala. Who got my brain doing a Hee-Haw/Laugh-In/Cthulhu mix, and oh, how we wished stillsostrange was there for it. Aren't you flattered, A.? that we think of you when we think of these things? Umm. (In my head, the tentacles are still getting shut in the little Laugh-In doors. This may not be what we call "a good thing.")

Bear pointed out that they did not seem to be coming around all that often to see if we wanted more drinks. But perhaps they should have, because as the evening progressed, Elise got to reminiscing about old times, and it got rather quieter than we had been in the Shoggoth-Minnie Pearl stage of the evening, as we crowded around for the juicy bits. (Speculation about who should turn pink at the phrases "Elise got to reminiscing about old times" and "juicy bits" should not be too worrisome; likely it's not you. At least, I think it's not. Sometimes hard to say who might come wandering around, and somebody certainly ought to turn pink here.)

On the drive home, my brain insisted that a different novel entirely was, too, connected to the Thermionic Night universe, albeit not with any characters or magics or countries in common with Thermionic Night. A different part of the same secret history, I guess. This is alarming and also may not fall into the category of "a good thing." But if I sit very still and breathe very quietly maybe they will stay entirely separate everywhere but in my own head. Maybe? Apparently this was neither still nor quiet enough, as it is being insistent. The problem is Canada, and to a lesser extent the northern US, Washington state really. We'd be all right if not for Washington and BC. I had the middle bits worked out just fine. We were just dandy up to the Montana border.

Secret histories: they are a lot of trouble. The jury is still out on the "worth it" question.

Also I forgot to have Bear sign a book for me, which was extremely silly of me, because I thought of it, but then the Pacific Northwest came waltzing in upsetting the proverbial apple cart, and I forgot. Brains: also a lot of trouble. Probably worth it on the whole, though.

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