Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Non-Traditional Songs Among the Elk People

I have sent Thermionic Night off to beta readers. (HA! Take that, book!) There are still a few points on which I'm uncertain. Sometimes I am too understated and it becomes unstated, which is not the goal. Other times when I try to fix this, I have wielded the clue bat a little hard, and the reader comes out dazed and bruised. But this is what betas are for: to go, "Huh?" or "Ow!" or whatever else where appropriate.

I am wearing "Traditional Songs Among the Elk People," elisem earrings, in honor of this. They are elk earrings. Making them Not The Moose Earrings! This makes me happy. (For those of you who haven't been reading along the whole way, Thermionic Night is the first volume of a trilogy I used to call the Not The Moose Book when I was laboring under the happy delusion that it could be just one single book.)

I have started packing but not finished.

I have the (banana) bread and (gourmet peanut) butter and (Roo's) cuppie in the car already, so I will not forget them to give to porphyrin and matociquala. Fish and Bears, Bears and fish! (Not that porphyrin is a fish. Just that I get fish.)

I am fairly un-hyper, considering what day it is.

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