Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Could be worse.

I'm home, and markgritter has picked up my T3 prescription, so as soon as I can have some more of my lovely blueberry soup (a little over an hour from now), I will take some T3 and eat some blueberry soup and take this wad of gauze out of my mouth.

Not the most fun I've ever had, but quite tolerable. So far the smell was the worst of it, although the novocaine is wearing off, and everything is starting to throb. The bottom one had roots that hooked out into the bone in opposite directions, so the pressure: wheeee-ooh.

I like my dentist. You only have to tell him something once, and you don't even have to emphasize it, and he remembers.

Apparently, though, they're not especially keen on hypoglycemics around there. He made me drink a lot of orange juice before he would even start.

I may have to go through this for my top right one in July. We'll see. But the left ones are gone.

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