Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Revelation of the morning

All those years I wasn't eating parsnips? It appears I wasn't missing much. I had hoped for them to be golden and earthy and sweet and strange, and instead they're kind of whitish, once you peel them, and flat. Like Bunnicula'ed carrots. Although now that I've peeled them and a couple heads of garlic, my hands smell interesting, like I could add some curry powder and really have something, so maybe it'll all work out in the end (even though I don't intend to add curry powder until I get to a different soup entirely).

I keep trying foods I didn't like in the past, in hopes that I will like them in the present, but I seem to have hit a plateau on that after my early-twenties bitter-food tastes kicked in. I also keep gradually trying foods I've read about and never had. That's only going slightly better. I'm due to try orange marmalade again, just to see if Paddington had it right after all. Blancmange is actually not very good. I still haven't had mead, so I can't tell you. I hope it's better than parsnips, though.

Have there been foods that were "like in books" in your life? Did you like them in real life?

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