Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Crits and bouncing off

We have a markgritter again, though it certainly took long enough for the airport to disgorge him.

At the airport I finished reading Liz Williams's The Banquet of the Lords of Night and Other Stories. I am officially done with Liz Williams until someone I respect specifically recommends one of her books as better than the others. I've read four novels and a short story collection, and I kept wanting to like them, and not a one really clicked for me. That seems like a fair try to me.

If you're on the filter of people who occasionally want to do crits for me, you will have just seen a post where I'm soliciting some. If you can't see that post and would like to be in on that filter, please do let me know. No obligations involved with being on the filter, of course.

Treason's Harbour and I are going to bed.

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