Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

I am contemplating this dress to wear to scottjames's wedding and other events thereafter (and possibly before).

The cons:
--It is more expensive than any dress I have ever bought myself.
--I don't know if it would actually fit me and would have to pay shipping to find out.
--It requires dry-cleaning.

The pros:
--It is violet. No anemic color, no mixture of colors that never belonged together, no accidental Gothwear yet again. Violet, violet, violet.
--It has a waist. Coincidentally, so do I. Further, it appears to be shaped for someone with curves without going for the "boobs on a platter" look. And while some of you may speak favorably of the boobs on a platter look, either in general or in specific, please note that I don't feel it's quite the thing for one's ex-boyfriend's wedding. (Yes, we've been friends for many years since and were friends for many years before. Still, this is not a technicality one-date former relationship but a for-real-and-serious former relationship, and I do not want to be the tacky ex-girlfriend. Somehow this is a much worse role in my mind than the tacky friend would be (although that, too, is outside the bounds of my aspirations for this event).)
--It is a "classic" line, by which I mean it is not attempting to be up-to-date and fashionable in any way, by which I mean I could theoretically wear it again and again without people thinking, "Oh, summer of 2005."
--The dry-cleaning means that I would not be the one to iron it.
--I could send it back if I didn't love it.
--It would save me many, many hours of shopping, and it would save the people around me many, many hours of my wailing. And frankly, I'm not sure where I could go besides Dayton's; I've looked several other places already. So other thoughts for apparel would be welcome if this dress seems not to be It.

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