Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

This does not constitute a precedent.

However, ellameena tagged me, and I choose to respond on this meme:

List five things you enjoy (um, I think even if no one else is around to enjoy them with you):

Five things I enjoy alone, hmm? Well, the summer I spent in Oregon was effectively alone, and mostly what I did there, in no particular order, was:
1. Swim laps
2. Read
3. Write
4. Drink a mocha, or fresh-squeezed o.j., or a banana-berry smoothie, depending on the temperature that day
5. Go for long walks

There are other things I enjoy by myself (baking, of course!), but that was the largest alone-but-not-lonely period in my life, and I can't really think of anything else I did a lot that summer. Occasionally I would time my long walks so that I could get awesome yuppie burritos instead of the incredibly repetitive summer cafeteria fare (pasta three nights a week, pizza four, and not alternating, either, but in chunks). I didn't have a TV to rent movies, I didn't have my computer to e-mail much, and making telephone calls was unreasonably complex in the dorm's system, so I didn't call people much. I walked to the movie theatre twice and a live theatre once: it was a long enough walk that it was basically a day's outing to get down there, see what I wanted, and get back. Our equipment was broken much of the time, so I didn't even do much physics.

It's astonishing what can happen when you're ready to make a big leap in your writing and you're left alone with a university library and your notebooks for a few months on end.

There were two coffee places available, and one of them had an open mic night, so I'd go to that and hear an astonishing variety of stuff, some of it not fit for the light of day. I was fairly regularly accosted by nutcases then, people who were sure they had the secrets of the universe in their basement and couldn't wait to tell me about them. I never gave out my right name when people asked my name, and so now when strangers ask my name, I have trouble. I always told them the main character of the story I was working on then. I've been Lisa, Charlotte, Miriam, Julia, Anna, Catherine, Alice, Moira, Noë, Kate, Paula, Riina. ("Oh, wow. Like, where are your parents from?" "Norway," I would lie blithely. "But it's a Finnish name. My grandparents left Finland after the War. Now they live in Duluth, though." "Oh, wow.") After the first few weeks, I didn't really want to know people. I just wanted to be let be. I was ready to be done with it at the end of the summer, but it was good while it lasted.

I don't think that's where this meme was intended to go, but like Arlo says, you can't always do what you're s'posed to be doin'.

We quote that a lot around here.

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