Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Another thing I like

Another thing I like about season changes is that there are things I almost forgot I liked to wear. I love the red and white print skirt I wore today, even though it's clearly for someone with a much bigger belly than mine, so I have to wear a longish tank top over it, and it's still a little bunchy, and also it comes un-ironed in about two minutes flat and has no pockets, but I don't care, because it's cheerful and red. And I got some more of the tops that held their shape all year last year, so yay for tops that hold their shape and do not give up on having a waist after six weeks of wear. I have a waist; most of my clothes ought to as well, I feel. Socks are exempt, I suppose.

Also I now have the Indigo Girls in my head singing "Dairy Queen," only it's vastly inappropriate for going to DQ tonight with elisem, because the first line is, "I heard that you were drunk and mean down at Dairy Queen," and neither of us was the former two while we were the latter.

Also, what with yesterday and today and all, I have my third package of the week to send out tomorrow or Friday. That's packages as in objects, not as in stories. Some people get things I think will make them pretty happy. I'm not quite done yet -- I have to see if I can get a replacement garden whosis for my grandmother, since the last whosis I gave her broke in a storm, and there is nothing worse than a broken whosis for bringing a garden down.

But never mind all that now: I have clothes that will hold their shape for me, and I have "Rhino In Love" sitting on my desk since I could not resist giving elisem my money for him any longer (him? hmm), and I have good books to read, and none of that even touches on hanging out with timprov and frootie_sama, but you know what? I never promised you comprehensive 24-hour coverage. So there's that.

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