Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


Dear Editors:

I appreciate your willingness to serve as my own personal cheerleading squad, but your conviction that I will find a home for the story I just sent you is much more, er, convincing when it comes with a contract.

Most sincerely,

(Seriously, I would almost relish a rejection letter that said, "I have no idea who would buy a piece of crap like this," just because it would make a change from all this "I'm sure someone else will buy it" stuff.)

At least this makes sense to me, though: they can believe in a story because they've read it. Generally, I seem to inspire people's belief for no particular reason. I don't understand it. Apparently I But what? I don't know. People who barely know me tend to become very sure that I'm going to do quite well, and I'm grateful to them. I'm just confused.
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