Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

I do not know in what universe writing 1500 words of "Singing Them Back" counts as sitting around eating bonbons and reading movie magazines, even metaphorically speaking. On the other hand, it's coming together well, and it looks to be a novelette and not a novella, so that's a relief. (Dislike marketing novelettes. Cannot stand marketing novellas.)

Anyway, markgritter and I are going to our church, where they probably think we're dead, since we haven't been there in so long. Then we will snarf leftovers and talk to my parents and hang out with the timprov a bit before he goes to sleep and we go up to help brithistorian and one_undone move their last few items in. And then we will eat dinner (likely chili) and I will head off to the Boiled In Lead show with dd_b and pameladean and lydy, who are kind enough to have agreed to this plan so I don't have to go alone and markgritter doesn't have to go at all. (If you want a jazz show or a classical concert, he's your man. Otherwise....)

We also attempted a little furniture shopping yesterday. They say that negative results are also important data, so at least we have that. More on which anon....

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