Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of May 22-28

I almost forgot to do this: one rejection this week. There, aren't you relieved?

Cub Foods currently has my animosity, because there were more wholly bad and disgusting strawberries in the four boxes I bought than I've ever had before. Ever. And the brown oozy strawberries (yes, they were oozy) were all in the middle. So the berry crisp used up all four boxes instead of the planned two, plus both pints of blackberries (as opposed to the expected zero blackberries), and it's a good thing I was planning on going to Byerly's tomorrow for a few last things anyway, because we're entirely out of blackberries and strawberries.

Tonight was going to be quiet but birthdayish for markgritter; we missed a party we'd have otherwise liked to attend in order to have quiet birthdaying. That didn't really happen: he put together another bookshelf for in the living room and hauled the old defunct CD racks downstairs and planted flowers, while I dusted and scrubbed and made the best crisp I could under the circumstances. Ah well. He'll be birthdayed again tomorrow.

For some reason, the bit in "The Producers" (you've all seen "The Producers," right?) where Franz Liebkind says, "You are ze audience. I am ze auzzor. I outrrrank you!" keeps popping into my head. I love that bit because it's so tempting for auzzors* writers to take that approach, and so wrong, and Mel Brooks is good enough at what he does to make me believe he understood both parts of that. But it makes me wonder what my subconscious is trying to correct.

It also occurred to me that amidst the larger batshit insanity in Orson Scott Card's latest...umm...thing, I was missing something small but alarming to marvel at: apparently conservatives like Adam Sandler movies and liberals don't? Really? Now, is it drinking your gin and tonica or smoking your marijuanica that's a heart-warming family value? What part of public urination with small children is considered patriotic? I begin to suspect that Card had smoked his marijuanica before writing that bit. Adam Sandler movies. My land. I feel like I really have to stick up for my staunch Republican family members to any liberals reading this (and I suspect there may be a few, somehow): argue with them all you like about social security or international policy or the environment, but do not blame them for Adam Sandler.

*I told you about the first box of author copies of my textbooks that arrived, right? The label on the box said, "arthur copies." And I went, "Arthur...oh, wait, I'm the arthur!"

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