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I want to say up-front: I'm posting this because many of you have clamored for information about our puppy search. I am not looking for advice on how to handle this situation; offering me advice, especially if you don't know much about our home, family, past pets, etc., is unlikely to go over very well. So if you're absolutely certain you know what we should do, great: you can be smug if it goes that way and shake your head and sigh to yourself if it does not.

So we went down to meet these puppies. When I'd talked to the breeder, she'd indicated that, of a litter of five, three were still available: two males and a female. We want a female, so we were going to keep an eye on this one. Well, when we arrived, one pup came trotting out of the kennel with a "something new to explore? let me at it!" air about her, and I thought, ohhhhh, I hope that's our girl. And in fact it was, and she was the little explorer, the daring one, the one who managed to untie the breeder's shoelaces and make the rocking chair rock by patting it with her little paw.

None of these pups was the kind you sometimes see from breeders who don't pay enough attention to intelligence or temperament: they were not incurious or afraid of their own shadows. When they approached the big new human people, they were clearly looking for an adventure rather than a protector. This seemed good to me. But the little brown one was the best.

We met the puppies' grown relations (mother, father, great-grandmother, aunt, cousin, half-sibling, and "no-good uncle," as markgritter describes him), and we played with them, and it was very clear which dog was the right dog for me.

But when I mentioned it, the breeder said she wasn't sure if she was keeping that one or one of the other females she'd said was available. And she was sure we could enjoy either dog. Well...the other little pup was a very nice puppy, but the world is full of very nice puppies. So we're waiting to find out what the breeder decides. If she's willing to let us have the little brown girl (and no, there was no ring), our choice will be extremely obvious. If she wants to keep her and offers us the silver, we'll have to think about how much it's worth to wait for another "exactly right" puppy or to bring a very nice, bright-eyed, good-tempered puppy into our home right now. I kind of thought we'd know today, whether we could expect a puppy in mid-July or not. But now I'm not sure. We'll have to see what happens and what we think of it with a little more time to think of it.

There will be pictures, but they're likely to go over in novel_gazing tomorrow or Monday.
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