Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Resolutely cheerful

I am concentrating on the things that make me cheerful:

--Although it is sad that Bound to be Read is going out of business, it is not at all sad that I got a volume of Siberian folk tales and a volume of Burmese folk tales for a discount. (I am particularly bouncy about Siberia. I would also love some western Inuit myths and some tip-of-Chile/Argentina myths. It started with D'Aulaire's when I was small and seems to be gradually spreading into an interest in Cold Place Mythology.)

--Bread and Chocolate has really, really excellent chocolate croissants in the morning. I was disappointed in them (extremely!) when we went in before, but that was too late in the day. Still-warm dark-chocolate croissant: yum.

--I got to see Jon for the approximately 5 seconds he was free and in town and so on. He is stressed, but he is very much Jon, and also he hadn't heard more than a minute of my Flash Girls CD (incidentally on in the car) before deciding he liked it. As Jon was the one who played "Christians and Pagans" for us, this was gratifying though not surprising.

--I get to pick out presents for the markgritter, who gets old on Friday.

--And a fair number of people are coming here on Sunday, and I get to buy stuff for them to eat, too. Nature or nurture, I got the Scandochick feeding people thing.

--I'm getting specific, concrete revision ideas for Thermionic Night, so maybe I can sidle up next to it and not keel over dead. (Let us gloss over the fact that the partial scene that appeared in my head was, in fact, not from TN but rather from The Winter Wars. Yes. Let's.

--It's raining, so I can't possibly be expected to prune the bushes until it stops and dries out awhile. Yay rain! But markgritter has already put in some of his flowers, so they are bright and pretty in the rain.

--I have made health care appointments for fully 50% of the people in this household who need them. .500 is a damn good average for the majors.

The other things that are not making me cheerful will be dealt with as needed.

What's cheering up you today? (Note: bragging about recent book sales encouraged.)
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