Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Not reminded of celebrities.

I just want to say, in response to a meme going around, that you don't remind me of a celebrity. No, really, you don't. Some of you qualify as celebrities in my world (hey, if more than five of my friends from before I started hanging out with writer-types have read one of your books, it counts, even if I was the one who made them read them), but other than that, I don't go around getting reminded of celebrities very often.

(Also not so much of animals, except in extreme cases (I was once in a writing group with an Airedale, for example), and I can't sum you up in single words. Any of you. Or colors, or elements, or flavors of ice cream -- well, most of you. One of you is clearly grapefruit sorbet, which is in no way my fault.)

I've had trouble finding a happy medium with the celebrity thing. For awhile during late high school and my freshman year of college, I went around telling people my superhero name was Out Of Touch With Pop Culture Woman. I don't make a huge effort to be in touch with pop culture now, but I also don't think that there's any great virtue to enforcing ignorance about it. I'm glad I don't know the details of, for example, what "reality" shows or "makeover" shows are on the air right now, but knowing that there are reality and makeover shows that have been popular in the last several years seems like a reasonable thing to me. I wouldn't announce with pride that I was wholly ignorant of Byzantine art or Kenyan history, so I don't know why I should announce with pride that I'm wholly ignorant of parts of the world much nearer to me. I'm not ashamed of my areas of ignorance, either. They are what they are, and when I have information handed to me to remedy them, I try to file it away as neatly as possible, regardless of the field. I don't seek out all knowledge equally, but I've stopped shying away from some kinds as a point of pride. I'm already as "different" as I need to be. I will be no more nor less unique as a human being if I have some idea what my next door neighbor is talking about.

I was thinking of doing a poll about which of my short stories in progress you would most like to read. Then I realized that 1) I wouldn't listen anyway and 2) half of you would clamor for "Carter Hall Sweeps a Path" because I gave you a bit of that to chew on earlier. So no poll for you.

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