Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

A pair of eccentric offers

Does anybody want a bunch of Mason jars? We keep washing out the ones we finish and then not using them to can anything, or to drink out of, or for any other useful purpose. As usual, Minneapolis-area folks get first dibs. (jenett, pentacon: I haven't forgotten that I have books to give each of you. I'll e-mail you tonight if I manage to dig out from under stories for long enough to take a hard look at scheduling.) Some of them are small and some mid-size. Almost none are large.

Also, does anybody want a bunch of Scandinavian stamps? My grandfather was finding them for yhlee, but she said she has enough, and he was getting a kick out of finding them, so I have a couple of little packets of them. These probably don't have the local restriction, because they will cost me 37c to mail in the US and only 60c to mail abroad.

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