Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Oyceter asks, and shall receive

oyceter came up with a list of questions for her friendslist, and I am an amiable and obliging M'ris:

1. Describe your strangest pair of socks
Heh. They are bright green wool kneehighs. My mom bought them to get her through the winter when they lived in Duluth. It was the first year they lived there, so this was 1975. Yes, my strangest socks are older than I am. Being as how it was 1975 and all, the manufacturers decided that just bright green wool kneehighs were really not enough, and what they needed was to have bits of yellow and orange marled in. Oh, they are a lovely sight. They are for when I'm sick.

2. Can I see pictures of your bookshelves (or book stacks or piles or boxes)?

If you want help in doing so, you might look here, or here, or perhaps here a tiny bit. (The middle page has the added attraction of the picture of dd_b with an octopus on his head.)

3. If you were a hat, what kind of hat would you want to be?
The dark red kind that's slightly poofy on top but not really and is velvety in texture but not actually velvet so you can shove it in your coat pocket and not worry and also it has a band of Scandinavian trim around it. And if you find his hat, please let me know. I saw it here when we were visiting when we lived in anti-Narnia, and like a fool I did not buy it, and it is my hat.

(California is anti-Narnia. It's sometimes Christmas and never winter.)

4. What's the worst song you've gotten stuck in your head before?
I am the most earwormable person in the world, so if I name a song, one of you will name a worse one, and I will get it in my head. What this has got in my head is "I'll bet you they won't play this song on the radio," which is plenty bad enough.

What my mom and I do to each other -- okay, mostly what I do to my mom, because I am the worst child she has -- is the Robin Hood song from the Disney cartoon of the same name. "Robin Hood and Little John, walkin' through the forest, laughin' back and forth at what the other one has to say...." It always works. Always. All I have to do is whistle about the first seven notes, and my dad will find her in the laundry room days later going, "Reminiscin' this 'n' that and havin' such a good time" under her breath.

I also got the song from the episode of Futurama where Hermes gets his groove back in my head this week.

Also madrigals as sung by Elmer Fudd, which is also my mom's fault.

Also TMBG's "Number Three," you know, "There's just two songs in me, and I just wrote the third...."

My hope is that if I list enough of them, I won't be stuck with any one of them. But seriously: most earwormable person ever. I get earwormed when people didn't even mean to refer to songs. I get earwormed by free association. It's harrible, there was blood everywhere. Just harrible. (I am now apparently channeling a story scottjames tells. Please don't take the rest of my answers for his.)

5. My rats: evil killers of paper bags, cute sleepy fuzzballs or embarrassingly tame yogie-drop eaters?
I don't know what a yogie-drop is. It sounds like a wrestling move involving either a cartoon bear or a person of great physical discipline/flexibility. Oh dear. Now I have a visual on that one.

I don't know oyceter's rats personally, so I am entirely at her mercy on this question.

6. Books or food?
What, you're not going to throw oxygen in there just to make things fun?

I don't know. I've gone longer without food than without books, I think, and I'm hypoglycemic.

Hmmm. Maybe I've gone longer without books. I just can't think of when.

7. If you could live in a book, what genre would it belong to? How come?
I wouldn't, because authors are mean, mean, horrible, mean people.

I keep talking about living in the fuuuuture right now, so I suppose SF could continue that trend.

8. Stealing from the movie Wonderful Life (also known as After Life): if you were told that you could only carry one memory with you into the afterlife, which would you choose?
The memory of what a jerkface the person who organized this afterlife was, so I could continue to hug my bitterness to me for all eternity?

Um, seriously: another afterlife. That would suck. Zero memories would be better than one, because one has no context. The day you realized you were in love with someone and had been for months doesn't mean anything without the months, and it means exceptionally different things depending on what comes after. The day you start a novel, or finish a novel, or start a baby, or bear a baby, or kick the baby out the door to a happy adult life, the day you figure out something that's been puzzling you for ages, the day you wake up feeling healthy after a long illness...every single memory we have depends on context. If I'm left with only one, take the one away.

9. What do you know a lot about that most people don't? Most people here should be most people, not most people in that field. I specify this because I know how badly I prevaricate when I'm asked about something that I'm good at. Or if you still feel weird, what do you know a lot about that I don't (I don't know about a lot of stuff)? Why is it cool? Tell me about it!

I know a lot about Finnish mythology and history, I do I do. And also I make stuff up about it. And generally I know which is which. I talk about that a lot, though.

Also I know a fair amount about Thomas Tallis, and the fact that I don't know more drives me freakin' crazy.

Most people in general? Physics. I know a heck of a lot more physics than the average bear on the street.

That's enough for now, I think, because people are shockingly ignorant on some large general points, and there's a remarkable lot to know in small sub-fields.

10. What random bit of trivia do you know?
Oh, do I have to do the reindeer bit again? Because I just did that on copperwise's journal not that long ago, and I don't really want to be That Girl, or at least not exclusively That Girl.

As of the last book I read on the subject, only one MI6 agent was acknowledged to have been killed in the conduct of duty. I think a lot of people assume it's a higher number than one. That is my non-reindeer trivia for the day.

11. And finally, the question I've always wanted to know the answer to but was too embarrassed to ask: how in the world did you find my LJ and how come you're still reading?

I found oyceter from yhlee. I found yhlee from...umm...the ether. Yes. And I still read because I like reading.

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