Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Reminder and others.

Okay, you people: we're having a party a week from tomorrow. That's Saturday, June 12. It's going to start around 6ish. We would like to know how much food and drink to stock, so if you're coming, please let me know here or on e-mail. Dinnerish food. Drinks both soft and hard. Celebration of many things. I will send you directions on e-mail, or you can e-mail me at mris at marissalingen dot com (I don't even know why I bother with that -- I get enough spam to choke a horse anyway), or something. If you are not porphyrin, pameladean, Heathah, greykev, jenett, elisem, or joelrosenberg, and you read this journal, and you live in the Cities area, I don't think you've told me if you're coming yet. So tell me if you are, lest I'm left with nothing but moldy crusts and water to give you when you arrive.

Okay, so there's very little danger of that: I am ScanAm, after all, and there is something genetic on the X-chromosomes of ScanAms that means we must have food in overabundance whenever there is a party planned. Still, it'd be nice to be able to have an estimate.

The other Cities-person question: where do you shop for furniture around here? Where do they have good stuff? We have some money these days, though I am not used to spending it.

Today I got mini-donuts. Mini! Donuts! MINI-DONUTS! Oh, I was so happy. Mark and I were going to Home Despot on our way home from lunch and Hallmark, and there, right out there in front of Home Despot, was a mini-donut stand. I got so excited. You see, they don't have mini-donuts in California. They have small doughnuts in the grocery store, baked days ago in a factory somewhere, Hostess or something like that. But fresh mini-donuts, still warm, with cinnamon and sugar? No. Not even at the county fair. We went to hear Arlo and eat mini-donuts, and there were no mini-donuts. But just at random, at Home Despot, there they were. I grooved through the store. I squirmed like a puppy. I bounced like a little kid who has to pee. (Only with breasts, and not wearing a bra. So not much like a little kid who has to pee, really.) I got mini-donuts! I am home and it is summer! There is a dolphin jumping over my boob and I got mini-donuts!

I really, really like the stuff I like.

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