Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Curling with Baba Yaga

I decided that I should get some new fiction in before my day off tomorrow, and that it should be something fun. So I opened "Carter Hall Sweeps a Path," and this is what happened:

Janet's voice got real quiet, which is always a bad sign. "Here's what I know. You are supposed to be the Best Man for my husband in three days. The tux is already ordered. It is too late for you to get carried off by some damned immortal Russian witch, and I will not have it. Do you understand, Carter? Do not screw with my wedding any more than it's already screwed. We have the unplanned pregnancy. We have the crazy Finnish granny warding us against the Queen of Air and Darkness. We absolutely will not have the Best Man chained to a chicken-legged hut for the ceremony. Do I make myself clear?"

I love all the Janets, basically. But oh, I love mine so much, with her up-north accent and her Minnesota butter-blonde bob and her great big hockey stick. I love how she bends the entire men's hockey team to her will by kicking their asses on the ice instead of batting her eyes at the bar after. I love that she turns to magic out of cold-blooded necessity instead of starry-eyed wonder. I love how she has to go on, how just Halloween is not enough.

I love Tam and Tommy Heikkanen and Feodorov and Rob Bonhomme and all the Grannies, Janet's Granny Laird and witchy Granny Heikkanen and this false-toothed Granny Lesovna who has shown up to wreak havoc at Midwinter. I even love Coach Laird, though he's a right bastard and I would kick him in the shins if he wasn't my own character. I especially love that big old bruiser defenseman Carter Hall, bless him, because Carter is not dumb, but his perspective is...undergoing a radical shift in the course of these stories, let's say, and yet certain fundamentals are not, and that's good, too. I'm in a very happy place with these characters right now. It's already the seventh. Clearly I am not participating in WriYoFuFMo, or I'd have a few chapters of The True Tale of Carter Hall drafted already. Still, I thought I could maybe just make a nod of sympathy towards it and see what happened, and so far it's very sympathetic indeed, and I am a happy writer kid in a way I haven't been for awhile now.

There's a lot to this whole "fun" thing.

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