Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Vital Friday night facts

Apparently cilantro believes itself to be a perennial in this climate, or else it reseeded itself. In either case, we have fresh cilantro growing next to the chives that are about to take over our home. Those of you who are considering coming to markgritter's birthday party (Minneapolitans: come! it'll be fun! and if you didn't see the invite on your friendslist, do let me know), please bring something with which to fend off wild chives on your way in.

But I have uprooted many enthusiastic little poplars today, and the laundry is getting done, so I am virtuous tonight. Also we ate up leftovers for lunch and dinner, which surely counts as virtue. Also The Grey Road is 3300 words shorter than it once was, with more to come. Or go, as the case may be.

I'm currently reading another Brother Cadfael mystery, The Potter's Field, after reading some nonfiction art history stuff earlier today. It's sometimes annoying to know enough to argue with the nonfiction I'm reading, but on the other hand it's a comforting feeling not to have to go where someone is trying to lead me by the hand. Because I am ornery and contrary, apparently. (Show of hands who's surprised.)

One of the things I noticed about The Grey Road is that I accepted "he" as a gender-neutral pronoun when I wrote it, and now I...really don't. I accept that some people mean it that way, but I no longer use it. I use plurals a lot more ("when people do X, they Y" rather than "when someone does X, he Ys"), and I use "he or she" to the point where I have to stop and remind myself that it isn't the proper construction for discussing Popes and baseball players. I don't even remember what caused the change. It's just...there. Funny things, brains.

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