Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of April 24-30

Two rejections. The drought continues. I'm not sure it's a good idea to keep track of how long it's been, but I'm also not sure I can actually refrain from doing so. Still, I'm moderately cheered by the markets I'm submitting these stories to this week, and also by the stories I'm working on. May as well be cheered by something, after all.

I'm also cheered by the sleet, which meant that nobody had to mow the lawn today, and I'm hoping it got itself all sleeted out today so that it's fair and fine for the people celebrating holidays tomorrow.

I've just barely started Charlie Stross's The Family Trade, so I can't tell if I like it yet or not. Earlier this week I read Master and Commander. Nobody told me about the funny. They all said, "Oh, you should read this book! You should read all these books! There are twenty of them!" They never said, "They are funny!" Funny is not a requirement, but I care a good deal more for funny than I do for boats, which I can enjoy or not depending on the rest of the book. This book would not have languished on my library list since 1998 if someone had thought to mention the funny.

(Yes, I've had the same library list since 1998. 1997, actually. I started keeping a list when I had to browse the nasty LoC stacks for my pleasure reading. I hate LoC for browsing. Haaaate. It's really best for things you know you want, so I started keeping track of what I know I want. It's been recopied lo these many times and runs to four and a half closely written pages, annotated with the names of who recommended the books to me, if anyone. This length does not count the books on my computer list I haven't thought to look up in the library system yet. I believe Master and Commander is the only thing that's been on it that long. There's a lot more movement than that, generally, although I haven't been to the library this calendar year because of certain bad influences on the friendslist. The library will lure me in sooner or later, though. They send me e-mails with the lists of the new books they've bought. Because they are tricksy, the library people. Tricksy, but not generally false, so it works out all right.)
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