Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


1. As I told you, they changed the formulation of my shampoo. They are rotten bastards and I hate them. So I spent part of my Saturday sniffing shampoo in Target. I don't smell like fruit except when I've been eating fruit. I don't smell like pine trees except...I never smell like pine trees. (I don't drink g&t's, is why.) Etc. So it wasn't as arduous a task as it could have been. Lots of things got ruled out pre-sniff.

I am now in the stage of new shampoo where I feel like someone is following me around. My invisible stalker. But it could maybe start to smell like me, whereas the rose thing could not have, ever. It's the difference between having an invisible stalker for a week and having an invisible stalker for the entire bottle of shampoo and into the next bottle by at least a week (more if it was the same thing that never worked).

2. timprov cut his hair last night. There are about two pieces I need to trim. Otherwise it looks fine. I'm not sure I could cut his hair -- I'm sure I couldn't cut my own hair -- but he can cut his hair. The weird thing is that he hasn't generally had it short, so when I first see him with his hair short, I see the freshman I met. Weird.

3. I keep expecting to read an article in which someone has named their baby Amygdala. Every time I read anything neurological, I end up thinking, "Some yahoo is going to name their kid this." I realize this has nothing to do with hair. I'm just saying.

I probably vastly overestimate the quality of yahoo available.

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