Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of April 17-23

One rejection. Nothing else. It's not just that I feel like nothing is happening: I have a total of three rejections for the month of April. Three. Even in March (when it still felt like nothing was happening) I had eleven. I need to remind myself that starting new projects is not the way to feel like things are happening, it's just the way to make myself nuts. But still: deep sighs. No...motion...on any front.

(I bought a little mat to put the dog's dishes on. We have no dog. This does not count as progress towards a dog. Alas. But it's sturdy denim and canvas, washable, and it says, "good dog." So there you have that.

Oh, I do have puppy update, actually: the breeder called and said the puppies were born Monday, that all dogs concerned were safe and healthy, and that there's a little silver-beige pup we could come meet when she's a bit older. So we'll see about that.)

I think I have something to say about the fictionalized autobiography I read earlier today, but right now it's time to make cookies and get the house into some semblance of order.
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