Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Things I Would Like People To Make, the non-SF version

1. A series of websites on the theme, "What we don't know about ________." The blanks would be filled in with things like "astrophysics" and "prehistory in the region that became modern Turkey" and so on. Experts could get into big arguments about how we do so know X/no we do not. It would be lovely.

2. A movie about a women's hockey team that is not about them being women.

3. Book contracts for everybody! Well, not everybody. Everybody I like who writes books. Including me. And good book contracts, too, not the kind where I pay them $1000 and get stacks of my book with blurry printing.

4. A joke that begins, "A priest, a rabbi, and a mathematician." Somebody suggested that Mr. Ford is the person to ask about this, but I haven't seen him since and don't see him often. NB: This should be a funny joke.

5. A history of the rise of geek culture. (Note how I am not listing the finished versions of books I know you people are working on. Because I'm not eager? No. Because I'm deliberately not being pushy.)

6. An arctic fox charm. Kind of round, ivory-colored, curled in on itself, only slightly bigger than my whale-and-planet in "Warded." So I could wear Ansa Nikkanen's necklace from Thermionic Night.

7. Embroidered shirts and/or skirts that do not have spangles. Spangles fall off in the wash. I love the kind of embroidered shirts and/or skirts they're selling this year, but damned if I'm going to add three T-shirts a week to the hand-wash load just so that they last out the season looking reputable.

8. Chicken soup and oatmeal raisin cookies.

Hmmm. One of these things is not like the others. I guess I'm making chicken soup and oatmeal raisin cookies today.

What would you like, in the category of the first seven: reasonable-sounding things that you can't just run out and buy or make for yourself?

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