Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

More free books

I am almost done being sick, my dears. I can tell, because I was congested this morning, and now I am merely tired. I only worked out lightly this morning, and still it made me bone-tired (not muscle-tired) and therefore I am still sick. But for as long as I can remember, I get horrible chest colds and deep racking coughs, and then the ick moves upwards gradually until it's gone. And so I believe it is about to exit the top of my skull.

I claim no responsibility for what may get in there while the cold is getting out.

The other way -- besides the tired, I mean -- that you can tell that I'm still sick is that I just don't want to argue about anything. At all. With anybody. The horror! It must be an illness! Quick, find medication for this wretched condition! Um.

Anyway, several things and people on the internet frustrated me, and I thought about snarking in several directions, but I am just to tired to be mean to anybody but ksumnersmith (as earlier today; more of the same), and if she was here reading over my shoulder I'd probably even be too tired to be mean to her. (We could try it, though. I wouldn't mind.) Even if some of these people are being extremely rude and are also flat-out wrong. I have declared it Not My Problem for the time being.

In lieu of meanness, I have more free books to give away. First priority goes to people in the Twin Cities area; otherwise, first come, first served.

We have a spare copy of Connie Willis's Doomsday Book, which is lovely and wonderful and the funniest book about the Black Death we own. (Although if you can recommend a funnier, we're in the market, I suppose.)

We have an ARC of Lee Harris's Murder in Alphabet City, a murder mystery set in NYC with a female police detective as the main character. While I don't recommend this as highly as Doomsday Book, it was a reasonably fun mystery, but I'm not keen enough on mysteries as a category to keep around any but the ones that most charm me.

And we have a copy of Barbara D'Amato's Hard Road, which is also a murder mystery, set in Chicago, dealing with Oz fans. Again, I'm not keen enough on mysteries to keep around any but the ones that most charm me, but this was good fun, and I've gotten more and more keen on windows into fandoms not my own. (Which is a reason I'm not passing this one on to my grandpa, who reads mysteries: he's not really keen on fandoms. Just didn't seem like his thing.)

I know I could just slap a Bookcrossing label on these and leave them at Caribou, but I'd rather know that someone I know, even slightly, is enjoying them than take my chances with random strangers. If you want them, we'll have to arrange to make the transfer, or else you'll have to send me your address. (If you're in the Cities and don't want to see me for long enough to get a cup of coffee and hand off the book, back into the queue with the rest of the friendslist with you! That priority is only there to save me postage.)
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