Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Dog-Faced Daughter Of.

The book in this article offends me! Norwegians are not just Satan's sons! Some of them are Satan's daughters, too!

(I have great difficulty typing the words "Satan" and "Stan." I keep typing one when I mean the other. This makes e-mails to timprov's uncle and aunt challenging. Nobody wants to read e-mail that starts, "Dear Satan and Judy.")

Some people on my friendslist have been doing an envy meme, asking their friendslist to express what they envy about the person posting. This would make me extremely uncomfortable. It's bad enough when people pop up with envy out of the blue. Inviting it is orders of magnitude worse. (I sympathize with the cultures who named their babies horrible things to ward off jealous spirits. Should you wish to refer to me as Dog-Faced Goat-Girl, that'd probably be okay. There may be more than one Dog-Faced Goat-Girl in your life, though, so I may not always know you mean me. It's kind of the Jennifer of anti-jealous-spirit names, isn't it?)

I have a couple of relatives who have talked to me about things they envy in my life, and a quarter of the time I've wanted to say, "Well, you can have that, too, if you work at it," and the rest of the time I've just wanted to hide under the couch until they go away. It's not so bad when what they mean is clearly not envy but "it seems nice that you have that." Otherwise--meep. Meepmeepno.

If someone says they admire something about you, or they enjoy something about you, the response is not always easy, but it's very simple. The response is, "Thank you." And on you go. Envy is not like that. "Thank you for envying me! I'm so glad you have corrosive and resentful feelings about some of my possessions or positive traits! Hurrah!" Nonono. And again, sometimes people make it clear that they don't mean that they actually resent you having those things, but sometimes they really don't, and tone is much harder to convey on lj, so I'll be steering in a very wide circle clear of that one, thank you very much.

Anyway, I seem to be at the tail end of this cold. I think I can eat real food today, and I feel mostly better, and I've been drinking water like it's my new hobby. I hear my mother's voice in my head when I'm sick: "Are you staying hydrated? Hydrate!" Some people think my mother's voice and my voice sound alike anyway, but I can tell the difference. I'm still feeling pretty beat, so I'm going to try to move slowly around here. Still, clear improvement. Always a good thing.
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