Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

So it's you.

Here's another bit from Scandinavian Folk Belief and Legend that really shows an understanding of how my relatives communicate today:

When they entered the stable, the master told the boy to take the blanket off so that he could really see the horse. But as soon as the serving boy did this, his mistress appeared in the stall where the horse had been.
"Well, well," said the farmer, "so it's you."
"Yes," she said. "I've been out on Easter night."
Well, there was nothing more to be said about it.

You've been turning into a horse and running around at night and coming home with the servants riding you? What would there be to say, really? "That's different," probably. "That's different" covers a multitude of situations.

I just love this story: "So it's you." When a horse turns into your spouse, what do you say? "ACK!" "Oh my God!" "[thunk]" "What the hell? How long have you been a horse? What happened to you?" No, no, you say: "So it's you." Not even with an exclamation point. Probably with a tiny little nod.

I don't know if it'd be harder to deal with if someone you know turned into an animal or vice versa. Hmmm.
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