Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Dispatches from the fun grown-up

Last night started well, with Beena greeting me as she came up the steps with, "I missed you!", and ended well, since the Responsible Adults involved had entirely lost track of time. (This is always a good sign.) Also, I seem to be accepted as part of the entourage/furniture for Spud. (He gave me several spontaneous hugs, so I'm not entirely furniture, but he also plopped his butt down on me whenever the spirit moved him. As a baby should. And he smelled like clean baby hair. I think clean baby hair smell should maybe be a controlled substance.)

My favorite line of the whole evening was when I got up to make the little girls sandwiches, and Bri announced, "I'm going to help her, and nobody's going to stop me!" Okay then! Poor child, with people flinging themselves in the path of her helpful urges! So I got to hear the ups and downs of Miss Bri's life uninterrupted by siblings or adults while we made sandwiches together, including musings about pigmentation and the rainbow, pottery, school vacations, and who likes which kind of peanut butter.

Have I mentioned that I like being the fun grown-up? I've often said that 8 or 9 is my least favorite age, but in practice this doesn't seem to translate to enjoying the actual kids any less.

Also, I'm particularly amused that songwind's accent comes back when he tells stories about his family. I know how this goes, because mine used to do that, too, when I lived away from its source. Maybe it still does a bit. I'm not sure.

I find that a little earlier venting about something that was bothering me seems to have helped immensely. Also markgritter is being even nicer to me than usual (and he's usually nice to me). So that's all to the good. I don't know entirely what I'm doing with the rest of the day, but a lunch date for Thai is a good start, I think.

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