Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

It is good to have alpha readers who will call you just to talk about how much they like the book so far. It's even better when you firmly believe that they will have other things to say than, "So good! Loff!" later.

I've been letting my brain meander around "Singing Them Back" today. It's got topology in it now. Topology and cookies and disir. It always had topology in it, I suppose, but now I know it. It feels very different from Thermionic Night -- probably because it is very different -- and it's taking awhile to let my brain fall out of that mode. Which is making me very glad that I opened this file and not the one for Midnight Sun Rising or The Winter Wars.

I really, really, really want to write some science fiction again. So far my brain is being stubborn on the subject of "The Calculus Plagues," and this week is supposed to be fun stuff, not head-meets-wall, so I'm letting the brain play with the pretty beeeeeeads on this necklace and make them story-ish, and then all will be well. Mostly. Even if I end up with another fantasy novelette to market. I hate sending novelettes and novellas around, but the story is the story, and that's what there is to that.

Topology. I mean, really, I should have known. (Thanks for the nudge, yhlee.)

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