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I don't have a cat

mechaieh notes that "because the cat isn't near enough to wax" and asks me five more questions. I don't even have a cat, so we all have to be glad she threw herself on that particular grenade. (Even with frequent breaks for horizontality -- now accompanied by naomikritzer's Freedom's Gate -- the last bits of this revision are going quickly and well. It is time to have parallax on this damned thing. I'm more than a third done with what I had ahead of me for getting stuff into the computer. Whew.)

1. Someone just gave you five blank notebooks. What are you going to paint on them?

Usually I do abstract things, sometimes swirly but more often more mosaic-y. Five is a lot to describe separate ones. Probably a reds-and-oranges example would be good with swirls, something with greens in mosaics. Maybe a near-leaf pattern. Don't know. Five would be a lot right now. I've slowed down in my use of blank books, so I probably don't need any for a good while, now that I'm not writing novels in them.

2. Fruits and vegetables: frozen and/or canned?

And/or. Mostly I use frozen, but there are some things for which canned are The Thing. Canned tomatoes in chili, for example, and canned black beans in most things with black beans (chili, soup, quesadillas, etc.). And canned peaches pureed on andouille.

timprov prefers canned corn to frozen corn, so I'm willing to make that from time to time, though my preference is the opposite.

I like my frozen peas still-frozen. Crunch crunch. Mmmmmmm. Much better than the mushy nasty cooked things with that weird back-taste. Fresh or still-frozen. Not cooked or heaven help us canned-and-cooked. (Although canned-and-raw might be worse.)

3. How many weddings do you plan to attend this year (so far)?

Umm. That's a tricky question. I had planned to attend two. But one of them is supposed to be three weeks from now, and I have no invitation, and they aren't registered at any of the usual stores, and I know them well enough that I really think I and my folks would be invited. On the other hand, we have no word of postponement, elopement, breaking off the whole idea...we just don't know what's going on there. I am desperately curious, but I'm also pretty sure that whatever has happened, the formerly-prospective groom is not much for talking about it right now, so I'll wait as patiently as I can.

So far as I know, scottjames is still planning to get married. I'm planning to go. I have no idea what I'm going to wear, as long as I don't decide to spend over $200 on a dress (sdn is a bad, bad influence). But I'm going if I have to wear a potato sack.

4. Headphones or earbuds?

No thanks. I sing along a lot (I sing without background music fairly often, even), so if I'm in a situation where other people aren't supposed to be hearing my music, it's a bad idea to give me any. I don't always sing with songs I know, but it's the way to bet absent other factors.

5. If I felt like reading about a Lutheran hero or villain, which three would you suggest I look up?

Heh. First of all, I was indeed raised Lutheran, but I was not raised on Inspiring Stories Of True Faith. And thank God for that; I can still have some respect for my parents, which I really couldn't if they were always shoving Philip Melanchthon and Lars-Levi Laestadius and Reader's Digest Young Lutherans down my throat.

So my first answer is Hans Nielsen Hauge. Of course. I'm a Haugean. He didn't intend to spark peasant uprisings and rampantly individualistic religious observances, but we won't hold that against him. Like many radicals, he had no idea how radical he really was.

Second, I'd go with Katie. Katie Luther! Love the Katie. Sensible, lusty Katie. Katie is my Luther of choice. That other guy, eh, whatever. (That other guy, for Minneapolitans, is meant to refer to Martin, not Rudy.)

Third...well, probably old Lars-Levi, yah. Not as a hero or a villain, but as a hell of an interesting guy who was recognizably Lutheran. (I don't know which historical figures were, mostly. I mean, Gustav Adolph, sure, but beyond that.* It's just not an important thing to me most of the time.) Lars-Levi Laestadius collected Saami myths like mad. Much of what we know about Saami myth is tainted and interpreted by Laestadius, but at least it's there to try to disentangle influences on; without Lars-Levi, we just wouldn't have it at all. And he was a pietist God-bothering old bastard, but at least I know about the blood man and the alder man and all the door goddesses because of him.

*Did you know that people are willing to argue with me about whether my college was in this country? Northern European people mostly. "You went to a Gustavus Adolphus college? In Sweden?" "No, here." And then they give me the "pull the other one" look, or the "you must be confused" look, and sometimes they argue. I know where I went to college, people! I was there!

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