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WOT's five

I have decided that I get to do these every couple of chapters.

writingortyping asks: 1. What special indulgence did you get at Byerly's this week?

Walnut potica. Poppy-seed hamentaschen for timprov to try, since they didn't have any poppy-seed potica.

2. How did you meet your best friend (if you find the "best friend" label distasteful, how did you meet markgritter)?

The best friend label is distasteful, but I talked about meeting markgritter already today in this lj. And the_overqual, too, kind of in the same stream of information.

The person I've known the longest on my friendslist, who is one of my best friends, is scottjames, whom I met in junior high math club. Because we are just that cool. We also did Wits Clash (a quiz bowl thing) and Knowledge Masters (a computerized quiz bowl thing) that year. We kicked butt, too.

3. If you were running for office, what would be the main plank of your platform (if that is too odious to even consider, what would be the most appealing plank of an imaginary, perfect candidate)?

Well, we already discussed the "don't be a jerk" campaign. That's a pretty good one. Honestly, I'm not a one-issue voter. For good or ill, there is no one thing I absolutely must have out of a politician. If someone would make a serious go at the War On Some Drugs, though, I would appreciate that a lot. Even just legalizing pot would be a big step towards sanity, I think. Just write laws about driving, operating machinery, practicing medicine, etc. while stoned; treat it like alcohol. I don't smoke pot because it smells unpleasant and smoke bothers me up close, and because I'm not particularly interested, not because I think it's any better or worse than drinking alcohol (which I do). I really don't care to invest money and time in catching, prosecuting, and punishing people for using it. Incredibly, incredibly stupid.

4. You are forced to participate in a "reality" makeover show, but you can choose which one. Which one squicks you out the least and why?

I'm not sure what counts as a makeover show, but anything that involves cutting me open is right out. Do home makeovers count? Because other than those and the plastic surgery ones, the only one I know about is What Not To Wear, and they would cut all my hair off and then I would be sad. I mean, they'd let me spend money on clothes, which is good, supposing I could find any, but those people expect people to have hairstyles, whereas me, I just have hair.

I know that's not a very good answer, but I try not to know much about those shows.

5. Who should play you and your nearest and dearest if they made a movie of your life? (You can pick and choose from earlier actors if the current crop isn't to your liking).

I think Jodie Foster should play me, not because we look alike (except in being Caucasian females between the ages of 20 and 60), but because Jodie Foster actually can get geek body language right. The way she moved, the way she looked in "Contact," that was an astrophysicist. I believed it. I haven't had that reaction to very many actresses cast as scientists. (Worst example ever: Elizabeth Shue. No physicist ever in the history of the world ever talked like that ever. EVER. With the little baby voice? NO.)

We decided ages ago that Kiefer Sutherland had best play markgritter, because what other Hollywood actor ever has a blond beard like that? Damn few. (Damn, damn few, she said mournfully. Hollywood -- I've said this before and am likely to say it again -- so does not cater to my taste in men. I like so many kinds of geeks, Hollywood! Why do you give me so few kinds to admire? And half of those so unbelievable in the role? Whyyyyyy?) And when we were making this decision before, I believe timprov demanded to be played by Oliver Platt.

After that we started casting Ving Rhames as scottjames, or maybe Chow Yun Fat, I forget which, and it degenerated into silliness from there. Sheer silliness. First and last time ever, of course.

Maybe Michelle Meyrink could play gaaldine, if she wasn't busy playing me.

I should probably stop with this question before I get myself in real trouble.

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