Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Quick five

seagrit's five looked like they could be answered quickly before I go have lunch, so:

1. When are you getting a puppy?

When you asked this question, my answer was, "Ask your brother." But your brother has given the thumbs-up on calling around, so now the answer is, "When we meet the right one."

2. Do you have a name (or two or more) picked out for said puppy?

A few, but we're going to meet the little beast before saddling it with a name. It would be terrible if we were all decided and then looked into its eyes and discovered it wasn't that at all. Well, not terrible terrible, as pet names can morph through time, but still, suboptimal.

When we got Boo, I had a whole page of names for a puppy. (I was 7.) And then when we got her in the car, my mom said, "What are you going to name her?" and I didn't miss a beat before answering, "Honey." Honey had not been on the list. (My Gran was grateful, because she called everybody honey anyway, so it saved her time.) But it was her name, or one of them; we ended up calling her Boo or Booboo because my dad's Yogi Bear imitation annoyed her so much. What she really hated, though, was televangelists. She had this bark when my dad would do his televangelist voice, and it was a very clear, "Stop that! That's not funny!" She had a similar reaction to it when we'd flip past a televangelist on TV, all stiff-legged and unhappy.

This is why we're not getting another apricot-colored puppy: I would try to make the new puppy be Boo in my head, and that's not fair. But she was a really great wee beastlet.

3. What are one (or two or more) books that you think I'd like?

I just finished karentraviss's City of Pearl, and I think you'd find that interesting. SF with aliens. I also just finished a reread of Steven Brust's Athyra, which makes me think you should try Jhereg if you haven't already. And you've read all the Bujolds, right?

4. How much time on average do you spend writing on the computer (both blogging and "normal" writing) versus writing on paper?

It varies a lot. I wrote my first two novels entirely longhand. (That's the first two I was willing to let out into the light of day. First four if you count juvenile attempts.) I'm now neglecting my paper journal pretty badly -- and I mean that in the sense that it will be good for my brain to do more with it, not that there is some moral imperative to using a paper journal. But revisions are all on paper. So...yeah. Hard to give an absolute figure or even a meaningful average, because it varies by where I am in a project.

5. When are you getting a puppy?

This is the thing about math majors: so many of them lose the ability to count.

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