Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

The heavily lj part of the con

The bars are entirely gone, so I must have had a good lj party. (Next time, I'm taking one myself before I put them out for people to snarf. I had the mistaken belief that parties start slow and I'd still be able to get a chocolate-peanut butter bar after Pamela's reading. Not so. Sigh. I will console myself with a square of Ghirardelli dark. But not at this hour of the morning.) I didn't actually meet the person who made the nifty lj badges (mplscorwin, I am told), but they were definitely very cool. They don't say what con they're for, either, so they can ride along to other cons in the future. And I'm glad cakmpls and sraun hosted, because I had a good time peering at people's badges and going, "Oh! You're you!" (I also threatened to get out a book so I would match my default icon, but this proved unnecessary.)

I'm not sure when my life got to the point where I was thinking, "At the next con..." instead of, "If I go to a con again...." Awhile ago, I guess, but it wasn't obvious at the time. As magical as my first major contact with fandom was (ICFA '99), I didn't make the leap to, "I will be doing this indefinitely," not right away. It kind of crept up on me. Bashed me on the head. Dragged me off to its lair. I think that metaphor is done now. I'd blame it on lack of sleep, but most of you know I'm generally like that. I am, however, still a tiredy bunny, even though I've had a good night's sleep.

Here is who I saw from the friendslist this weekend: 1crowdedhour, cakmpls, carbonel, careswen, ckd, dd_b, dlandon, lexiphanic, dreamshark, dsgood, eileenlufkin, elisem, fgherman, jenett, joel_rosenberg/joelrosenberg, kalmn, laurel, lydy, magentamn, minnehaha of both varieties, mmerriam, naomikritzer, pameladean, pegkerr, and sraun. (And also markgritter and timprov, but not at the con.) I'm pretty sure I saw other lj people who aren't on the friendslist, but I don't remember most of their lj names (especially if they're not immediately apparent from the people's real names), so if it's you, comment and say hi again. I also didn't meet a few people from the friendslist I think were there. I've resigned myself that I can never do absolutely everything and see absolutely everyone I want to at a con, and I can never spend all the time I would want with everyone I do see; and if I can, it's probably not a very good con anyway. So I try not to fuss too horribly much about it.

Okay, more on things like panels and music and stuff later. If I put some of it in novel_gazing (which I probably will), I'll mention it here, since I don't know if any of you are reading the feed or wouldn't usually but care about con reports.

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