Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

What I Bought at Minicon

(Do I have the energy for one big post? Nope. So I'll be spamming the friendspage. Lucky you.)

I was extremely strong and did not buy any necklaces. And I remembered that while I desperately want the right person to find one of the charms because it's very cool, that right person is not me. So I escaped with only a little pair of green leaf earrings called "Inseparables," and they match my new green dress. And I am such a sucker for leaves in jewelry. I blame my father for reading me Tolkien at such an impressionable age (about 20 weeks of gestation, I believe, the first time around, but then again when I was 7 or so). careswen wanted to know if the title meant I wouldn't lose them. I hope it doesn't mean I lose them both.

I also bought The Flash Girls's "Maurice and I." dd_b had put some of the songs from it on a mix-CD for me, and I liked them, and I swear up and down that sharing music exposes me to new(-to-me) artists and makes me more likely to give them my money, not less. So once I go through that whole spiel, I feel like I have to actually live up to it. And I'm now enjoying "Twa Bonny Maidens" as a result.

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