Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

That's cruel.

I am now the proud owner of -- yes! -- a real green dress. It's not quite as dark a green as one might hope, but it's darker green than most of what they're selling in the stores.

The UPS being also brought a purple dress, but no one has any songs about those. I don't think it's the nice one to make up for the green dress being cruel, though. In fact, if it was part of Cho's taxonomy, I fear the purple dress would be the ho. Does this mean I get to buy another dress to be the sweet one? Hmm. Maybe.

(Margaret Cho claims that in every group of three girl friends, you have the sweet one, the smart one, and then there's the ho; check amongst yourselves, she advises. I'm not ever the sweet one, and I tend to pick smart friends, not at all accidentally, so when I was going through coherent groups of three girl friends in my life, not just a random selection of larger groups, it was getting pretty alarming rather by default.)

You might think that it was lucky that two new dresses showed up before I left for Minicon, before I even dressed for Minicon. But you would be wrong: these dresses cannot be made to suffer Minnesota March. They are not that kind of dresses. So they did not take away from the "trying on garments and swearing" phase of con preparation, they added to it. Well, not so much with the swearing. Anyway, I think we have passed into the "don't get anything useful and glare at the book" phase of con prep.

Wait! I've been in that phase for months now!

There is not a "be fair to oneself and one's hard work" phase. Not yet anyway. I'll work on it.

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