Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Books you can have

First dibs on these go to Minneapolis-area people, but speak up if you want any of the following. If nobody wants them, I'll give them to a charity of some flavor:

Letters of Ayn Rand. This period in my life is so over. They're weirdly fascinating in some ways, though, in the Inigo Montoya way: "You keep using that word. I do no' think it means what you think it means."

Joy Chant, Red Moon and Black Mountain. I believe this was Chant's first novel. It's an other-world fantasy with kids from our world in it. There are horse-nomads. There is a great evil in the land. Etc. It's borderline YA and adult. I'm giving it up because it was not very good at the relationships between the characters, and that's my hot button. If you don't have that hot button, you might well enjoy it. It certainly wasn't a bad read.

Linda Fairstein, The Kills and Entombment. I can tell you almost nothing about these books. They're mysteries. I got them in free ARCs, and then I discovered that the main character is a prosecutor who specializes in sexual violence cases. I have no reason to think these are handled pruriently, but I don't want to read about it anyway. Another hot button that may not be yours, and while I usually pass on mysteries/thrillers to my grandpa, I know it's a hot button of his, too. So.

Laurence Klavan, The Shooting Script. This is a thriller starring a movie trivia buff. It was an entertaining read, but I'm not really interested in keeping thrillers around to reread unless they really hit my good buttons, and I don't think my grandpa would be interested in the movie trivia angle.

Joe Lansdale, Zeppelins West. Lavishly illustrated. Alternate history.

Gary Paulsen, The Quilt. This purports to be for children, as most of Paulsen's books do. I found the tone patronizing and the storyline boring, but it's very much a "slice of history," and I know some people are crazy for those.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Hotel Transylvania. Vampire fiction. First in a long series I haven't read, but if you're looking for lots of new vampire books to read, this may be a good starter for you.

Speak up if you want 'em.

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