Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Packing books

It's snowing steadily but not particularly nastily here. We'll probably want to shovel the bottom of the driveway before leaving -- and by "we" I mean "I," because markgritter has to work a half-day -- but if it's this weather all the way, it won't be too horrible. We have freeways the whole way. I hear there's thundersnow to the south, though. I love thundersnow, but mostly I love it from inside a house. I remember calling scottjames from my aunt's during our senior year of high school: "Can you get my assignments tomorrow? We're not going to make it back in time. It's thundersnowing." "Sure, I''s what?"

I've packed my books (though not anything else, as M. is still sleeping in the bedroom and doesn't have to wake up and work for another few minutes, and I don't want to slam drawers and rattle closet drawers to wake him; I prefer to do that by poking him repeatedly). It's not many -- short trip -- but it's clearly the relaxing trip mode of book packing, that is, books I would like to read but just haven't been reaching for when I have other options. When it's going to be a moderately stressful trip, I pack things I've been saving for special; when it's going to be a really stressful trip, I pack things I already know I love, so I don't have to deal with bad books on top of everything else. But for a routine, no-problems-expected trip, I pack things that get shuffled to the bottom of the pile for no good reason.

I'm also funny about packing other people's books. I don't really intend to be going much of anywhere but my own car, my parents' house, and my own car again, but for some reason I still don't want to pack bunches of porphyrin's and dd_b's books. The "it's not mine" urge doesn't kick in when I have a book in my purse to read in line at the grocery store, but somehow going to a different state changes things in my head.

How do you pick which books to pack?

(Special to Aet: thank you for the postcard and leaflet! I enjoyed the mammoth under the mushroom, but when I tried to e-mail you, the message bounced.)
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