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I'm in that kind of mood.

Quote of the evening, from Mark: "So what we need is a horse and a Van de Graaf generator. And if that fails, a horse and a particle accelerator."

I just got spam saying, "Mris where is all the hotties at?" And I have to say, if the sender is not into tall, hairy, and geeky, elephino. We all have to have our specialties, and that would be mine. Or even just geeky. Mmmmmmmm, geeks. Did I tell you about the time C.J. found out I was engaged to Mark? I didn't, did I? (I know, some of you know this one; skip on to the next entry.)

(Have I mentioned that I hate the word "hotties?" Hate hate hate hate hate. Fiery passion. Etc.)

So C.J., yes. Ceej had been in Japan for a year, the year I really got to know the Crowd and also started dating Mark. He was a year younger than them. I was two years younger. He came back from Japan to find most of his friends had graduated. I came back from summer research in Ohio to find the same was true of mine. (Neither of us was surprised, but still.) We met at a dinner party I threw with Heathah, whose husband is best friends with C.J.'s brother. (Got that? There'll be a test.) We didn't know that our departed friends were the same departed friends until I mentioned C.J.'s name on the phone to Mark one night.

So I came into brunch the next morning (Sunday brunch, the most reliable meal of the week at college), and I said to C.J., "I hear you know my fiance."
"Oh? Who's your fiance?"
"Mark Gritter."
And then he started laughing, and he laughed for five minutes. When he could breathe again, he said, "I'm sorry, it's just that Mark Gritter is the geekiest human being I've ever met."
And I went googly-eyed and said, "Yeah, I know."
And Ceej started laughing again.

Corey, the guy we were sitting with, was pretty darn geeky himself. He looked at me, baffled, and said, "You say that like it's a good thing."
I said, "Well, Corey, here's the thing. Some women like blonds. Some women like tall guys. Me, I like geeks."
Corey said, "But those other things are physical traits."
And C.J. recovered himself long enough to say, "Have you met Mark Gritter?" And laughed his fool head off some more.

Not that he was wrong, mind.

Also I have gotten spam with the subject line, "You are stupid dumbass if you pay full price." First of all, no, you are stupid, dumbass, if you don't use commas. And second, who looks at that and thinks, "I have been insulted! I must give them my money!"? Who?
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