Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Morning Person Redux

As of 10:00 this morning, I had written 1700 words and killed off a dozen notecards and finished the last large non-notecarded change that was sitting on my desk.

Will someone please remind me of that fact at 7:00 tonight when I've been running around doing a million and one things and somehow still feel I need permission to read The Ringed Castle or hang out with my family instead of working more on the book? Because it's not the most absolutely productive writing day ever in the history of Mriskind, but it is an entirely reasonable amount of work to have done, and pushing myself to cram more into each day of this week is not a good way to get through it happy and healthy. And I have a trip to see my folks to look forward to this weekend and Minicon next weekend, and I don't want to be ill or miserable for either one. Not that I want to be ill or miserable for the intervening weeks, either, actually. In fact, let's skip "ill or miserable" completely.

I have 22 notecards left. Some of them contain fairly large items. The goal this week is not to produce more words. The goal this week is to handle the notecards that will (I hope) get me to better words. This is a revision, a second draft. Still, a fair number of words will be required. But I am stronger than the word count. I should panic neither because the revisions of the day have only resulted in a net 50 words and that's not! enough! words!, nor because they've resulted in a net 2000 words and it's already! too! long! I am calm, I am serene, I am stronger than the word count. I have my notecards, my lists, and my calendar, and it will all be fine.

Really. Just fine. I mean it.

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