Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

So. Freakin'. Tired.

timprov actually has a post about the doctor visit of this morning. We've been playing phone tag trying to get his next appointment set up (different doctor). We classify this as progress. (Umm. As I was writing this, the person called back to schedule the next appointment, and the first opening she had was late June. So we're going to call around to see if we can get something better than that, Not okay, really.)

markgritter also actually has a post about how he's doing. So really, I'm not in charge of telling you people for once.

I adore Byerly's so much. Sometimes I think I should use the line from War for the Oaks in my lj bio: "'I have it on good authority that anything that can be got at all can be got at Byerly's.'" Yah. For true. And for important, too. I now have things for tonight dinner and tomorrow dinner, and they can be lovely and tasty and at least moderately healthy. And I'm even a little excited about them, even as tired as I am, because they will be so good. Ohhhhh, Byerly's goodness.

I went and poked around until I found the old journal entry with that quote in it, "In Which We House Hunt With the Not-Dead Ghost of Emma Bull." You know what? The people who told me to prepare to be disappointed moving back here were wrong. It is, in fact, all that, plus whatever groceries you like. It is all that and a bag of chips purchased at Byerly's. Go read that entry if you want more Mrissa Story right now. I'll try to come back with what I promised jmeadows I'd tell tonight, but right now I'm just ready to lie down and stare at the ceiling for awhile. I probably won't. But I'm ready to.
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