Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Happy @#$&%# Thoughts

I am in a really wretched mood just now -- the bad thing about rejections is not rejections but figuring out where to send the damned stories next -- but I did not promise a post about things that are currently making me grumpy, so I will restrain myself after that one aside.

There's been a lot in the last week. I got to see three friends who don't live in town, in entirely independent circumstances. I got to see a bunch of friends who do live in town, in varying and nifty ways. I got time to myself with nobody expecting anything of me (except me, but really, if we could help that...).

I got to eat blueberry ice cream with hot fudge. And tofu puffs. And palacsinta. And fabulous raspberries. (What I know about raspberries: Byerly's. Seriously. They have not let me down.) And cheeeeeeeeeese. Oh, and I have another glass of my lovelylovely Riesling in the fridge still, and I am going to drink it, dammit, and I don't care that I've taken Advil today.

Advil has always been readily available over-the-counter in my memory. That's a very happy thing.

I just finished an Anthony Price book, and I have reason to suspect I might have access to another tomorrow, and in the meantime I have no shortage of other books. And stillsostrange's book bit me and clamped its jaws down now, so that's good, too. And I suspect I'll finish the Chew book on the Winter War soon, and then it'll be off the list.

I have less to do on my book revisions than I did yesterday. Which is less than the day before. Etc.

The snow has stuck around a little bit.

I live in the Cities. I know I've lived in the Cities for longer than the last week, but it still makes me happy every time I think of it. Which is often.

The people who love me rock. Again, not just a week-long thing. Still. They're more numerous and cooler than anyone has any business expecting.

I should probably limit myself to the past week stuff. So, y'know, good company, good books, good work, good food, good location...yah, I think we're set here, really. Except for this back thing, and it'll go away with some professional help tomorrow, at least for awhile.

So, yah. Good stuff.
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