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Unsolved! [Nov. 20th, 2013|01:44 pm]
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There is a New Nature Futures story by me today: Unsolved logistical problems in time travel: spring semester. Go, read, enjoy.

Originally published at Novel Gazing Redux


[User Picture]From: pameladean
2013-11-20 09:11 pm (UTC)


This had me helpless with delighted laughter, but every once in a while there is a frisson of Very Scary Import. So very well done. (Relative to my personal timeline, anyway.)

[User Picture]From: mrissa
2013-11-20 09:13 pm (UTC)


Thank you so much.
[User Picture]From: blue_hat_guru
2013-11-21 02:44 am (UTC)



"Really, I shouldn't have to say this every term. You should have learned better in..."
[User Picture]From: mrissa
2013-11-21 04:56 am (UTC)


It is so nice to hit intended targets sometimes.
[User Picture]From: ashnistrike
2013-11-21 04:02 am (UTC)


Starlight Express!
[User Picture]From: mrissa
2013-11-21 04:56 am (UTC)


It just happened! Sometimes I just sit there and think, huh, well, there's that then!