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Just some things people do. [Feb. 11th, 2013|07:14 pm]
Marissa Lingen

One of my biggest complaints about recipes in the paper is that they are things that are dead easy and have, like, two ingredients. "That's not a recipe!" I will rant. "That's just a thing people do!" On the other hand, I realize that not everybody comes up with things to do with food very readily, so there is probably value in telling people about things people do.

1. Melt some butter. Chop some radishes. Saute the radishes in butter. After awhile, add some peapods and dill. Awhile after that, add some orange juice. Cook some more. Yum.

2. Make your favorite brownie recipe. Does not have to be fancy. Eat some brownies. Save something like 1/3 of the pan if it's a 9"x13" pan, a greater fraction if it's a square. Chop the saved brownies. Mix them into this recipe in place of half of the chocolate chips. (Or leave all the chocolate chips in and stir in the chopped brownie pieces anyway.) Bake as directed. What is this? This is bottle blondies. They're blondies! With brunette roots! Honestly I was thinking this is mostly stunt-baking for the joke--tasty enough but not amazing, twice as much work as an ordinary pan of blonde bombers without being better--but my favorite great-uncle loved them. So I figured I'd share.

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